About Jonathan Blum Photography

I am a recovering transactional lawyer.  I discovered the therapeutic value of taking pictures while I was practicing real estate law at a large New York City firm--it offered a creative outlet at a time when my day-to-day existence involved little in the way of creativity (or, at least, artistic creativity).  A trip to Bhutan and its almost otherworldly landscapes was the spark for my decision to get out from behind my desk, travel as much as I could and share these travels and the natural beauty of the world through photographs.

Photography provides me with so many different opportunities—to learn; to create; to experiment; to explore.  Maybe most importantly, photography inspires me.  It makes me want to experience life, to see the world and to try, as best as I can, to capture images that reflect my experiences and surroundings. 

My goal in setting up this site is to establish a place where I can share my photography and my development as a photographer.  My hope is that visitors will take a look at these shots and, even if for just a moment or two, stop and consider the natural beauty of the world and the power of photography to convey this beauty. 

But, for me, being a photographer is also about evolution, so while the site will always contain a heavy dose of landscape shots, I hope to expand its content over time to include a more significant number of portraits, street scenes and other less self-evident—and, hopefully, more creative—images.  Please stop by regularly and let me know what you think.